How to Worship

The most important part of worship at Shinto shrine is to pray silently from the bottom of your heart.

Let’s look at how to worship at Shinto shrine.

What is Shinto?

見付天神 しっぺい太郎像

Shinto is an indigenous faith of the Japanese. It is a way of life and a way of thinking that has been an integral part of Japanese culture since ancient times.


見付天神 赤鳥居

There is a red sacred arch called Torii. Before you go through the arch, bow lightly. Then, you walk the approach to the Shinto shrine. Please walk on the side since deities pass through the center.

How to purify your hands and mouth

見付天神 手水舎

Before you pray , please purify your body and mind.

Please prepare handkerchief in advance.

 ①Take the dipper(Hisyaku) with your right hand.
 ②Ladle water and wash your left hand.
 ③Take the dipper with your left hand and wash your right hand.
 ④ Take the dipper with your right hand again , and pour water into your left hand.
 ⑤Wash your mouth with water in your left hand. Be careful not to touch the dipper directly with your mouth.
 ⑥After washing your mouth , wash your left hand again.

How to Worship

At this point, you are ready to worship at Yanahime-Shinto shrine. Please worship with sincerity.

First, please take off your hat and move forward to the hall of worship.

①Make a slight bow. Place a monetary offering in the box and compose yourself.
②Bow twice deeply.
③Clap your hands slowly.
④And bow once deeply.

Precinct Map

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